What is Off Grid Empire?

My Cabin in the Ozarks

In 2017 my family decided to search for land. We wanted to create a getaway where we could retreat for fun and also in case of disaster. We found a beautiful piece of land with cabins and a barn in southern Missouri and after a little negotiation, it was ours.

It had no electricity, no running water, and no finished shelter. This is when Off Grid Empire was born.

I fell in love with the property.

The beauty of raw nature out in the middle of nowhere with no cell signal and no electricity is such a unique feeling and frankly foreign to most.

But I believe that more and more people are looking to become closer to nature and separate themselves from overwhelming technology usage.

It’s time to regain our attention and put it toward things that matter: building and fostering families, communities, and self-reliance skills can improve our lives and give us freedom.

Off Grid Empire is a movement. This weekly email newsletter will inspire you to get outside and become more self-reliant. We share tons of resources from gardening to water collection to buying land and government corruption and everything in between.

We’re not interested in crypto, web3, the metaverse, Globalization or AI overlords.

We ARE interested in hiking, bonfires, family, bow hunting, steaks, and gardening.

Society wants us to adopt more technology and have the latest and greatest tech. But if you asked the everyday person what they are concerned with, it is getting to a place in life where they can provide for and spend MORE time with family and friends.

The point of this newsletter is to give you the inspiration to do just that.

Anyone who is a part of Off Grid Empire is actively moving away from the tether of technology to lead a more present and purposeful life. We are learning and doing things that sustain life and build communities that can thrive.

More community, less tech.

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